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Hi Folks

all good things must come to an end...I was getting use to life without soccer...then comes the high school season...oh well...hope everyone is settling in to their season..few things to remind the boys about their high school season...don't get hurt and don't get bad...take care of your body guys...hydriate well...stretch...get plenty of rest..when you are not playing try to stay off your feet..yes Cam get some rest:)...and finally guys keep working to improve those to the business at hand..Scott and I together with Coach Nuno have been looking at what spring tournament the boys can do...the attached is one we think will be good for the boys...however there is a BIG's March 9-11...just a few weeks into the high school season...taking all that into consideration we want to know if you will still be interested...the list of college coaches that will be there is very good...some if not all of the boys will probably miss a day of school and also a game...if you will like us to do this please let myself or Scott can view the list of colleges that will be there by doing CTRL+CLICK on "GO HERE FOR A FULL LIST" on the attachement...I know this is not easy...particularly the fact that they may have to miss a day of way to look at this I believe is playing in this tournament give the boys another opportunity to be seen as oppose to playing a high school game in which there will be no college coaches watching let us know what you think...boys much success in your high school season and GO PHOENIX!!!!